Adam Schiff's Impeachment Fun Playhouse

In tacit recognition that his party will never beat the president in 2020 with the gang of whackos vying to head their ticket and that no real impeachment will ever occur, Congressman Adam Schiff, with the acquiescence of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, called to order what they are calling an "impeachment inquiry."  It's presumably designed to see whether formal impeachment proceedings should begin.  (Impeachment proceedings cannot take place without a vote to do so in the House.  Vulnerable Democrats would never vote for it any more than would almost all Republican congressmen.  And conviction and removal from office for impeachment would have to occur after a full hearing and two-thirds vote in the Senate — which also will not happen.  The Democrats, again, are counting on the civics and constitutional ignorance of their base.)  It flopped, in any event.  The hearings, in fact, show that this is...(Read Full Article)
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