Why Pay Attention to Hong Kong?

The citizens of Hong Kong (H.K.) have taken to the streets to protest Beijing's attempt to annihilate their democracy.  Beijing, through H.K.'s chief executive, Ms. Carrie Lam, recently proposed a new law allowing Beijing to extradite anyone in H.K., citizen or foreign national.  This new law would empower China to remove anyone from H.K. to be tried under Beijing's courts and judges, all of whom are beholden to the ruling class of China. H.K. correctly perceived that this law was a direct threat to its democracy, because the presumption of innocence would no longer exist.  In effect, this new rule meant that Beijing could simply label someone an enemy of the state deserving incarceration, without having to provide any proof of any crime.  China could at any time for any reason street-sweep H.K. of any and all dissidents, creating a level of intimidation that would eventually shut down H.K.'s democracy for...(Read Full Article)
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