What Kind of Rhetoric Causes the Shooting of Whites?

Ever since the El Paso shooting, talk of racist rhetoric inspiring murderous attacks has been ratcheted up. Racism certainly is a problem, too, one accompanied by another problem: Those talking most about it appear to know least what it actually is. But bearing in mind that white-on-minority murders are quite rare and not nearly as common as the reverse, let’s ask a question: What kind of rhetoric caused the following killings? On December 7, 1993, a black man, Colin Ferguson, targeted white people with a handgun on a Long Island Railroad train, killing six passengers and injuring several others. One of two black snipers who killed whites in the Washington, D.C., area in 2002, John Allen Muhammad, said that he’d intended to murder six whites a day for 30 days. He believed that “the white man is the devil.” In 2010, black man Omar Thornton targeted whites at his workplace in Manchester, Conn., killing eight. In 2016, black man...(Read Full Article)
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