What Hillary, Seth, and Paige Have in Common

Recently we learned that over 100 million Americans’ sensitive personal information -- names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, credit histories, income information -- was stolen from a major U.S. financial institution from what is often touted as a new, “highly secure,” cloud-based data storage system. But here’s the reality: No one’s information is safe in the modern world, because all systems rely on human beings, who are inherently untrustworthy. Many people think of “hacking” as the great danger posed to individuals’ and organizations’ sensitive computer data. Hacking refers to outsiders using various technical tools, guesswork, and vulnerabilities in software programs to illegally penetrate people’s email accounts, corporate databases, and industrial control systems. They may exfiltrate data for profit. They may be foreign intelligence services seeking to compromise adversaries’ classified information or...(Read Full Article)
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