Unlearners and the Left

Unlearners.  You have known some, surely.  Perhaps you had a co-worker who was one, or even a boss.  Maybe you have one in your family. Unlearners are people who seem to be unable to learn from experience.  They keep on making trouble for themselves and those around them in the same way.  For example, you may have a co-worker or family member who goes from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.  You know what this person is going to do before he does, and you can also predict the bad outcomes that will surely follow and yet always seem to surprise him.  Because you have this kind of understanding of such people's behavior, it makes sense to say that in some ways you know them better than they know themselves. Okay, but how do you know what you know about them?  What is the source of your knowing? A quick look at what the unlearner lacks shows us the way to the answer.  Unlearners...(Read Full Article)
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