Understanding Recent Mass Shootings

When it comes to mass shootings, America lives in two separate worlds. The first is the one of Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio among many others. They follow a familiar script: a white shooter using a high-powered weapon kills multiple victim and this carnage is quickly followed by public outrage, intensive on-site media coverage, and never-ending publicized pronouncements on gun violence, and, in recent years, condemnation of Trump’s alleged racism and xenophobia that fuels such carnage. The second universe consists of urban, black-on-black shootings, typically of the drive-by-shooting variety using handguns where relatively few are killed but many more are wounded, including innocent bystanders and children. Though the per incident death toll tends to be small compared to the first type of incident, their cumulative impact far exceeds what has transpired at El Paso or Dayton.    Most importantly, these incidents of inner-city killings...(Read Full Article)
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