TV Shows as Democrat Explanations

Back in the early seventies, I picked up on a trend in the fare being shown on television.  In every movie where some crazy dude was garroting or eviscerating innocent and beautiful female co-eds, the killer turned out to have had some horrifying experience in Vietnam that drove him over the edge.  It wasn't really his fault, was the message.  Had he never gone to war, he might never have turned into a savage.  That was the message the anti–Vietnam War Left was trying to sell America at the time. Since then, there's been an endless run of pro-Left, anti-right sitcoms and movies, from Archie Bunker to The American President to Platoon to name-that-flick.  Sometimes subtly and sometimes not, they take the Left's positions on political issues and present them in the most flattering, irresistible way possible. One technique is what I call a Democrat explanation.  It makes an innocuous-sounding layout of an...(Read Full Article)
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