Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything, as the old saying goes. Being the recipient of a fortuitous set of circumstances due to the occurrence of random developments over which one had no influence is the very definition of “lucky.” Landing that plum job, scoring a big investment windfall, meeting a special person because of a confluence of unlikely events -- these are all the result of good timing. In politics, advantageous timing plays as large a role as it does in any other aspect of life. The really interesting side effect of timing in politics, of course, is that the result has tremendous impact on the entire country. Let’s look at two such occurrences from the last half-century. Doubtless there are dozens of other examples, but these two exemplify how random coincidental happenings affect not only the few individuals directly involved, but also the lives of millions of people unrelated to the actual incident itself. Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 Presidential...(Read Full Article)
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