Spare Me Your Moralizing, David Brooks

In an August 1st opinion piece for the New York Times, David Brooks once again demonstrates that his grasp on basic American principles is shockingly weak.  Mr. Brooks has built an entire career writing smooth words to draw adulation from the Manhattan cocktail set, while reciprocally assuring them that their modern liberal values -- vacillating and untethered though they may be -- are morally superior to any known alternatives. In “Marianne Williamson Knows How to Beat Trump,” Brooks, in his signature fashion, simply assumes the moral high ground -- not through the measured steps of rational argument -- but through haughty admonition.  The problem, he insists, is Donald Trump: “we are all subtly corrupted while this guy is our leader.”  The solution, he contends, lies in defeating him: “it falls on the Democrats to rebuild the moral infrastructure of our country.”  To Brooks, Trump is the poisoned font of our moral...(Read Full Article)
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