Netroots Nation Rooted in Islamism

If there ever was any doubt that the progressive movement in this country embraces Islamism and the Palestinian Arab campaign against Israel, this years’ Netroot Nation Conference that took place in Philadelphia should remove all doubt.  According to a  WHYY article, Netroots Nation is the product of progressive activism during George W. Bush’s presidency. It was founded by the Daily Kos, a website that typified the liberal blogosphere in the 2000s.  The 13th annual conference drew 3,000 enthusiasts, including Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who recently sponsored a pro-BDS congressional resolution, and Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, whose call for “Palestine from river to the sea” at the United Nations last December got him fired from CNN.       While much of the three-day conference highlighted workers’ rights, an in-depth look at the conference’s agenda reveals eight panel...(Read Full Article)
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