Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Workers Most

Official estimates suggest that over 1 million people will illegally migrate into America in 2019.  The Democrats welcome them with open arms -- they have even offered to give them "free" healthcare. In doing so they betray their most stalwart voters: black Americans.  How?  Illegal migrants compete directly with black Americans for jobs, causing unemployment and decreasing wages. Before discussing the economic impact of illegal immigration, how many aliens live in America? At the Hot Gates Pew Research suggests that some 11.1 million illegals reside within our borders.  Although this falls in line with figures from the Department of Homeland Security, many believe the true figure is much higher.  Why?  Two reasons. First, the "official" figures do not include the children of illegal immigrants who were born in America -- so called "anchor babies."  Although they are natural-born citizens, these...(Read Full Article)