Gallup, Darwinism, and Scientism

Gallup recently announced that forty percent of all Americans believe in creationism.  A better storyline to its recent polling data might be that only one in five Americans believes in Darwinism, which was a wobbly theory when first proposed almost two centuries ago and which has become an increasingly improbable explanation for the origin of life and species during the last two hundred years.  That would be a better storyline, but it is not the storyline presented by Gallup. Darwinists are invariably the product of an educational system that has as little to do with free thought as the educational systems of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  Groupthink, instead, is what these institutions create and nurture.  There are no longer "schools of thought," but simply "settled science" and its detractors (those with free and thinking minds).  It is Darwinism, not its alternative theories, that is an intolerant system...(Read Full Article)
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