Fake News About Jewish Support for Rashida Tlaib

In a textbook case of burying the lede, the Detroit News on Saturday reported that Representative Rashida Tlaib was “surrounded… Friday evening during Shabbat” by Jewish supporters “in the wake of her refusal to visit Israel under restrictions imposed by that country's government.”  It took 14 paragraphs for the News to mention that Tlaib’s supporters, JVP Action (Jewish Voice for Peace), “openly supports BDS, which is fairly marginal in the Jewish institutional world, and is widely seen as anti-Israel in that world.”  In other words, BDS supporters show their support for another BDS supporter.  Nothing to see here. Nor is it just the “Jewish institutional world,” whatever that is, that sees JVP Action as anti-Israel.  Anyone who visits their website can see that for themselves.  Their webpage calls the founding of the State of Israel by the Arabic propaganda term, “Nakba,”...(Read Full Article)
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