These Days, It's Conservatives Doing Real Journalism

Donald Trump is like alcohol; he has a way of revealing peoples’ true feelings. And like that coworker at the holiday office party who finally tells everyone what he thinks of them, America’s mainstream media establishment has clearly had a few too many. For decades, members of the media masqueraded as practitioners of objectivity, supposedly uninterested in politics or policy. But the truth always comes out, and when they could no longer conceal their bias we were assured that it was possible to pick sides privately while remaining objective professionally. Now, in the age of Orange Man Bad, everything is upside down and any semblance of objectivity is considered unethical, an accessory to the “crimes” of the current administration. Consider a passage from CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s book: “Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump.” His colleagues clearly...(Read Full Article)
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