The New Heretics

Rome made Galileo a heretic for concluding that the earth was not the center of the universe. It silenced him by house arrest. The day is fast approaching when a bible of correct views will define and silence heretics who argue with it. Debate is closing on opinions entitling you to be tolerated. Are the accepted views all that wise? What makes them better than unacceptable views? Have we entered a glittering age of enlightenment that it is worth closing down our freedom to think contrary wise, to disassemble the wisdom of the day and disclose where and how it may be wrong? In what ways are the allowed views superior in terms of intellect, common sense, bias and idiosyncrasy? In fact is new age wisdom an improvement on the edicts of the Pope in Rome? The problem is that our system ticks every box. You go up against the wisdom of the day at your peril. It might cost you as dearly as it cost Galileo .Not sentenced to house arrest but get an ugly name. Disagree with the killing of...(Read Full Article)
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