Love of Music

A 9-year-old boy, recently taken by his grandfather to a concert of the Boston Symphony, shouted “Wow!” at the conclusion of a performance of music by Mozart, causing an audible stir in the audience. It’s the kind of musical “gotcha!” that occurs far more often than what makes news. When I entered an auto mechanic’s shop, some years ago, where music was never played, there was music of Vivaldi one day coming out of a boombox hooked to a wall. Reading the surprise on my face, the mechanic explained that when he visited a rehearsal of the school orchestra his daughter played in, he heard “this exciting music” more exciting than any he had heard before. The thrill of it made him want to hear more classical music. When my son took an ushering job at a local opera house, to make some needed money during his college years, his aversion to opera vanished during the performances. He was not only impressed by what he experienced, but...(Read Full Article)
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