Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

There is no winning for President Trump. His detractors in the liberal media and the Democratic Party will never give him the slightest credit for anything, even if he does exactly what his opposition favors. As the joke goes, if President Trump were to personally cure cancer, the NY Times’ headline the next day would be, “Trump Callously Ignores Diabetes Sufferers.” When Iran recently shot down an American drone, many people thought the President would order a retaliatory military strike against Iran. The U.S. claimed the drone was in international airspace; Iran claimed it had intruded into Iranian airspace and said they were justified in shooting it down. The strike was ready to go on our end, but reports have it that President Trump called it off when he learned that Iranian casualties would be around 150. The President felt that this was disproportionate to the loss of a single unmanned American drone and therefore he cancelled the strike. Given that so...(Read Full Article)
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