Democrats are Officially the Party of Derangement

It has been quite a week for the Democrat Party. Actually, it has been quite a decade. It began when, just seven years after Islamic extremists executed the worst attack on U.S. soil killing almost 3,000 Americans, destroying the World Trade Center, and bringing America briefly to its knees, the country elected Barack Hussein Obama as President. Obama had no executive experience but he was a community organizer and he managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the majority of the electorate – twice. That this man, who promised to transform the country – as if the greatest civilization in the history of mankind needed transformation – was selected to lead the Democrat Party was astonishing to those of us concerned about the future in which our children and grandchildren would be raised. His reach was far and wide both domestically and internationally. Healthcare, education, separation of powers, federal courts at all levels, the Mideast, relationships with allies...(Read Full Article)
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