Why Scrapping the Iran Nuclear Deal Was the Right Move

Iran’s Foreign Minister has admitted they cheated on the now defunct nuclear enrichment program. They violated the amount of low-enriched uranium-235, he says, as well as the rate of its production. In addition to non-compliance with caps on its stockpiles of low-enriched uranium: (660 lb); they also violated their stockpile limit of heavy water - set at 286 tons - and halting sales of surplus material overseas. The allowed U-235 enrichment level is 4%, enough to power a nuclear reactor but far below that needed for a weapon (80-90%). Under the deal, approved by then-President Obama, limited inspection of Iran’s reactors, enrichment facilities and heavy-water production plants was allowed. But we now know, according to the Iranians themselves, that they have been violating the deal. Which means there is really no limit to what other dishonesty has been going on. Consider the fact that Iran comprises a land area of 636,000 square miles, nearly equivalent to the state...(Read Full Article)
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