Undermining the Electoral College

A move is afoot to circumvent the Electoral College, especially in light of the 2016 election. States are now introducing legislation that seeks to undermine the institution. Fortunately, Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada dared to veto one such bill after it passed in both state houses.   Other states have not resisted the temptation for change. Delaware, Colorado, and New Mexico joined eleven other states and the District of Columbia this year in a special compact. The agreement automatically gives their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of how people in their state voted. As it now stands, the compact will only take effect once the total number of votes committed by the renegade states reaches 270 -- a majority. The present tally is 189 votes with many more states discussing the issue on the horizon. The goal is to make the Electoral College irrelevant. Nevada governor Sisolak faced a paradoxical situation....(Read Full Article)
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