Trump and the Irish

As an Irishman, I’m embarrassed at the treatment of the President of the United States on his recent visit to Ireland. His shabby reception in Ireland contrasts sharply with the red carpet treatment in London. Media reports that the Leo Varadkar (the Irish Prime Minister/Taoiseach) refused to meet at the Trump resort at Doonbeg. The hostile media is having a field day with this. Vox reported: President Trump will meet the Irish prime minister -- at the airport. Trump reportedly wanted to go to his golf course in Ireland. The Irish government said no. So they’re meeting at the airport instead. The Washington Post reporter tweeted scornfully: Seriously, the president’s bilateral meeting with Irish PM Varadkar is going to take place at the VIP lounge at Shannon. Trump wanted it at his nearby golf club. The Irish said no thanks. So, across from the Duty Free and next to the Irish Coffee bar at the airport. Perfect. This is a most shabby and...(Read Full Article)
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