Trump and the Irish

As an Irishman, I’m embarrassed at the treatment of the President of the United States on his recent visit to Ireland. His shabby reception in Ireland contrasts sharply with the red carpet treatment in London. Media reports that the Leo Varadkar (the Irish Prime Minister/Taoiseach) refused to meet at the Trump resort at Doonbeg. The hostile media is having a field day with this.

Vox reported:

President Trump will meet the Irish prime minister -- at the airport. Trump reportedly wanted to go to his golf course in Ireland. The Irish government said no. So they’re meeting at the airport instead.

The Washington Post reporter tweeted scornfully:

Seriously, the president’s bilateral meeting with Irish PM Varadkar is going to take place at the VIP lounge at Shannon. Trump wanted it at his nearby golf club. The Irish said no thanks. So, across from the Duty Free and next to the Irish Coffee bar at the airport. Perfect.

This is a most shabby and ungrateful manner in which to treat the leader of the country that has contributed greatly to Ireland’s prosperity. Just a few miles from my location, countless U.S. companies employ thousands of well-paid workers. This rosy situation is repeated countrywide. In addition, the U.S. has absorbed vast numbers of surplus Irish labor over many years. Many Irish in the U.S. are legal, but others are not. In his meeting with President Trump, Leo Varkadkar’s concerns in this regard are twofold (1) To sort out the situation of the Irish illegals in the U.S. and (2) to keep open the U.S. safely valve to dispose of surplus Irish labour. What is Leo Varkadkar willing to give in return -- just a few worthless crumbs?

The E3 visa deal was scuppered by Senator Tom Cotton. And a good job too, because it opens the opportunity for the U.S. to get something real in return as follows:

(1) Over the years, I have known many Americans who would like to work and live in Ireland. Realistically this is completely impossible, as they must stand in line behind the entire population of the EU, and in reality, will only be granted a work permit if they are working in management for a U.S. company. U.S citizens are simply excluded from working in Ireland, yet Irish politicians want an open door for the Irish in the U.S. This is simply inequitable. The U.S. should look for an equal number of unrestricted work permits for U.S. citizens to work and live in Ireland as the Irish government request from the U.S.

(2) Over the years, Ireland has benefited from the ministry of long-term stay U.S. pastors and missionaries who are fully supported from the U.S., and thus are not a burden to the Irish state in any way. Many of them have become my close friends. They have greatly contributed to the spiritual well-being of my country. Under recently adopted draconian regulations, U.S. pastors and missionaries are effectively completely barred from the country (apart of course from coming in as tourists for a brief period). Alas, there will be no more of these fine servants of God entering Ireland, unless U.S. public representatives act. In addition to the work permits mentioned under item (1), U.S. representatives should push for a large number of visas to allow U.S. citizens to live in Ireland, who are self-sufficient and thus will not be a burden to the Irish state. This should include retirees and missionaries who are fully supported from the U.S.

Let me let you in on a secret -- the Irish are “taking the U.S. for a ride.” While they are glad to take U.S. dollars, they are willing to give little in return. Indeed many are happy to stab America in the back at every opportunity. This is due in no small part to the Irish media, which is universally scathing toward conservative political viewpoints such as those that are found on American Thinker. The person of Trump and his policies are constantly vilified and misrepresented. The Irish Times reported:

Melania-like quality to Leo’s sangfroid in face of Trump’s witless remarks… Shannon in a lather of stress and excitement before circus heads for Doonbeg. And that strange noise heard above the Burren Suite was not the sound of an overflying aircraft, but the whoop of joy from Simon Coveney, who was in Belfast thanking his lucky stars that he didn’t have to listen to such twaddle. As Trump went on to declare that Brexit could ultimately be “very, very good” for us, Leo maintained that placid smile but his eyes started darting about in his head.

No wonder most Irish people have a distorted view of American policies seeing that they consume a constant diet of such hostility. Even the coverage of Trump’s visit has to include the obligatory anti-American sentiment, and constant misrepresentation of his policies. The Irish state broadcaster, RTE, is effectively the Irish media arm of the U.S. Democratic party. In an act of gross disrespect, the Trump baby blimp has been rushed over from London so that it can fly over Dublin today. Who gave permission for this?

Regular Irish media items concerning 2nd amendment rights are given vast amount of coverage and closely parrot the Democratic Party line. Strangely enough, even though we have the tightest anti-gun laws on Earth, we are currently plagued with gun crime on a weekly basis. There was a shooting at my local food store only last week and just a few weeks before, there was a shootout in a local subdivision. However, only the villains and a few police have guns. Law-abiding citizens cannot even purchase pepper spray. Murders used to be an annual occurrence in Ireland -- apart from the IRA, of course -- now they are almost daily and often employ firearms. So why are the Irish media focusing on this issue so much? Well shur, it’s a great stick with which to “bate” the American right (translation “beat”)!

Overall the Irish are willing to take much from the U.S., but are only willing to give little, not even begrudging respect for your president. President Trump is addressing with the situation whereby many countries are taking them as suckers. Ireland is among those countries. Perhaps you did not know previously, but you do now. I appeal to you Americans -- set the balance right! Demand concessions for U.S. citizens as detailed above. Contact your senator and make submissions accordingly.

And finally, I apologise for the shabby treatment of your President in my country.

Derry O’Sullivan is pastor of Blanchardstown Baptist Church, Dublin and is adjunct professor of Bible Baptist Theological Seminary (Europe), Cromwell, Connecticut.