Trump and the Challenge of Space

Someone is listening to Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 moonwalker who landed, with Neil Armstrong, on the moon’ surface 50 years ago this year.  Aldrin has strongly suggested America is poised for another period of leadership in space -- from near-Earth orbit to settlement of Mars -- and the White House seems to be listening.  First, President Trump introduced Buzz Aldrin at the State of the Union, noting America aimed to put American astronauts back on “American rockets” before long.  No more hitching rides on Russian rockets.  Then, in a series of path-breaking actions, Trump pressed America’s national security priorities over globalism, signed robust “Buy American” executive orders, and Vice President Mike Pence announced the administration’s intent to put humans on the moon by 2024.  If this were not enough, the President has emphasized American space leadership in a way not seen since John F. Kennedy and...(Read Full Article)
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