The Vice-President Won-Lost Game

Most vice-presidents want to be president someday. As a matter of fact, a significant number of vice-presidents -- probably the majority -- are themselves failed presidential aspirants, having been denied their party’s nomination during the presidential primary process. After falling short in the big contest for the top spot, being selected by the eventual nominee to be the Number Two person smacks of a consolation prize, a charitable, almost pitiable gesture. When the president under whom they served has finished their tenure, many times the vice-president does indeed get their shot at the nation’s highest political position. As a presidential contender, the former VP certainly enjoys a familiarity and name recognition advantage over their party’s other contenders that gives them a big leg up in early polls. Coupled with the unspoken but historically-credible notion that there is a certain degree of well-they-deserve-their-shot-now feeling within the party...(Read Full Article)
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