The Unique and Tragic Case of Argentina

As an American, I find myself continually fascinated by Argentina.  As Simon Kuznets, the winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Economics, once said, "[t]here are four kinds of countries in the world: developed countries, undeveloped countries, Japan and Argentina." Argentina confounds historians and merits a unique category in the history of economics.  No other country has a potential to be so rich yet fails so abysmally — and not just once, but regularly and often. Since most Americans are probably unaware of Argentina's potential, lets recap some of its pluses: 1. The Pampas: Arguably the largest and best grain-growing region on the planet, running from the temperate to the tropical regions of the country.  Unlike in America's grain regions, which can ice up, the winters are mild in most regions of the Pampas, with a concomitant extended growing season. 2. Beef: Argentina was at one time the world's largest exporter...(Read Full Article)
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