The Marxist ‘Liberation’ Hoax

For at least a hundred years, Marxists and secular humanists have been redoing society and “making the world better” in ways that would never have worked had their scheming been known to the general public. Secretly, with foxlike stealth, their organizations and agents of change have succeeded in causing more than two generations of Americans to despise their country, its economic system, its heritage, undermining church teaching on what is right and what is wrong, and stoking enmity between men and women. Infiltrating media, the schools, the workplace, and the places of worship, they have relied on the general honesty, kindness, and good nature of people to, as Obama put it, “fundamentally transform America.” Had the major channels of information kept American citizens informed about what was going on behind their backs – something that is expected of investigative reporters – it would not have been possible to “transform America”...(Read Full Article)
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