Slavery and Reparations and Concentration Camps, Oh My

The problem with our lefty friends is that they don't really want to have what they call a "conversation." Their idea of conversation is for highly trained activists to ram their morality down our throats and then demand we say thank-you. Right now they are sticking it to us over the question of reparations and concentration camps. So when Democrats rile up their black base with demands for reparations -- that’s loot and plunder to ordinary deplorables -- and when Mean Girl of the Month AOC talks idly about “concentration camps,” well, all they are doing is trolling for votes. Let's take slavery and reparations. First, slavery. It was ubiquitous in human society up until the day before yesterday. Here are a few words from The Year 1000 by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger. Welleas, or Welshman, was one of the Old English words for slave -- which showed where the Anglo Saxons got their slaves... Bristol was a slave port, trading with the...(Read Full Article)
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