Sexual Abuse and a Re-Examination of Martin Luther King

Just friends, but not like before. To think of what the Rev, Martin Luther King, Jr. has seemed to be seems like pretending. It is commonplace that prominent figures, like the U.S. Founding Fathers, are not devoid of faults, though they can be generally admired.  Yet the allegations of sexual misconduct against King are surprising.  He has been universally admired and is celebrated and memorialized all over the world in statues, names of streets and schools, a U.S. national holiday, a monument on the National Mall in D.C., and a bust in Westminster Abbey in London.  The exercise of power has always been fraught with anxiety and concern, as well as the source of privileges and admiration.  The experiments conducted in the 1960s by Yale Professor Stanley Milgram revealing that people obey an authority who instructs them to conduct an act that can conflict with personal conscience or beliefs were disquieting.  A large proportion obeyed...(Read Full Article)
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