Roy Moore and What Political Parties Should Be

In 2017, Roy Moore donned a cowboy hat, brandished a pistol, mounted his horse named “Sassy” (or was it “his camel named Clyde”?), and rode off into the sunset, I mean rode off to his local polling station where he would most assuredly be voting for his own sweet sassy showboating self. Moore was participating in Alabama’s special election for U.S. senator. But Alabama’s Republican voters were none too happy about their “creepy” candidate, as he had just been credibly accused of improprieties years before with teenage girls. The truth of the allegations should have been irrelevant as to whether Moore continued with his candidacy. Any normal man would have taken his lumps and bowed out of the race for the good of the party, and then he would have thrown his support behind a candidate with no taint. As Alabama is a very red state, any halfway decent Republican would have won the 2017 election in a walk. But Moore refused to give up his...(Read Full Article)
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