London Calling: An American SJW Lays Down the Law

Last month in London, Uruguayan-born Melania Geymonat and her American girlfriend Chris (last name unknown) were riding home on a bus after a date when they were physically attacked by four teenagers yelling homophobic and misogynist slurs.  A photo of the two beaten and bloodied women quickly went global, though details about the actual attackers have been strangely devoid in subsequent media coverage.  More on that later. Their picture was used by politicians and media to call attention to the persistence of physical violence against the LBGT crowd.  Having been raised in Judeo-Christian society grounded in Western legal jurisprudence, we consider any physical attack on any innocent person a repulsive act, one worthy of public condemnation and harsh consequence.  We hold this view regardless of the victims’ status with regards to gender, race, sexual preference, or any other check box.  We feel that all decent people would agree, and that most...(Read Full Article)
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