Jihad's Infiltration of the Movies

Imagine my shock as I sat down in a local movie theater to spend a restful Sunday afternoon, when, during the 15 minutes of coming attractions, the audience was subjected to one of the latest "Secret Life of Muslims" shorts titled, "What is a Hijab?" The marketing piece is sheer genius.  The subtle propaganda was superb — and I sat there realizing that the culture war is being won by the other side, and far too many American people have no idea how they are being readied for dhimmitude. At the Secret Life of Muslims site, we are told that "one helpful rule for being a Muslim on the internet — [is] don't read the comments."  Thus, the viewer is already set up to censor any comments that might be factual about Islam. The short that I saw features Reza Aslan and Linda Sarsour.  This was the first clue as to the insidious nature of this infiltration of American entertainment.  Reza...(Read Full Article)
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