How the Trump Administration Can Beat Planned Parenthood

President Trump has proven himself to be a man of his word on a whole host of important issues, not least of which is his outstanding record on pro-life matters.  He can now achieve a great pro-life milestone by putting additional substantial limits on federal funds intended for Planned Parenthood and other abortion-providers in a manner that would likely stand up to judicial scrutiny. President Trump's pro-life accomplishments include redirecting Title X family planning funds away from abortion-providers, effectively depriving Planned Parenthood of up to $60 million annually.  He also reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, effectively protecting over $8.8 billion in overseas aid from funding abortion.  Among his other accomplishments are his appointments of pro-life federal judges and allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid money. The time is now ripe to redirect remaining non-Medicaid federal funds from Planned...(Read Full Article)
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