How Not to Argue Against Abortion Rights

On June 8, the West Coast Straussian Ken Masugi made a strong plea against legalized abortion in an ideologically friendly website American Greatness. Masugi quoted Justice Clarence Thomas’s arguments against abortion rights, which feature an extended comparison between abortion and eugenics. According to Masugi, Thomas was offering a spirited “reply to the leading threat to the Declaration of Independence” when he compared eugenics and abortion. Presumably both practices have been defended as necessary to produce a healthy future generation, and Masugi finds a suitable quotation from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute that talks about fitness in relation to abortion. Supposedly abortion represents a new form of eugenics that flies in the teeth of the Declaration of Independence, a document that assures us that “all men are created equal” and enjoy equal rights “to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This new eugenics, we are told,...(Read Full Article)
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