Getting the Word Out on our Failed Ruling Class

I finally got to watch 56-Up, the latest in the Brit Up Series that has followed the lives of 14 Brits born in 1956, starting with Seven Up broadcast on ITV in 1964. The cunning plan of the lefties at Granada TV was to pitch three seven-year-old sweetie-pie working-class lasses against three insufferable upper-class boy snobs, one of whom allowed as how he read the Financial Times. But the whole thing fell apart in later episodes as the working-class girls descended into welfare-state hell and the toffs grew up to be model citizens: Baldrick’s Cunning Plan strikes again. Could it be that the meaning of life, the universe and everything has nothing to do with mechanical things like the NHS or union jobs or government schools? Ya think? We know who is to blame. It’s the educated ruling class -- media, the universities, the intellectual, the activists -- that invented and implemented the welfare state, and have acquired power and fame doing it. But how to tell the...(Read Full Article)
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