Free University Nirvana?

Many of our left-wing radical politicians, a.k.a., snake oil salesmen, are pitching free university education for all.  And it's not surprising: Teachers’ unions and university administrators might salivate at the thought.  High school students about to embark on post-secondary education might think it is a wonderful idea.  After all, Hollywood has portrayed the university experience as one of a continuous four-year party of sex, drinking, drugs and debauchery.  Would an aspiring student need to take those annoying SAT and ACT college entrance exams if universities were tuition-free?  Government would now control the university system.  Who decides who would go to which university?  Would the structure be similar to secondary education? Would students be relegated to universities in their area only?  Would private universities exist?  What about universities such as Harvard?  Would the endowments continue to pour...(Read Full Article)
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