Free Steve Stockman

My husband, former Congressman Steve Stockman who twice served southeast Texas districts in the U.S. House of Representatives, was a bold, outspoken opponent of the Clinton and Obama administrations during his two terms in office. Now he sits in jail after being prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice. It was heartbreaking to watch as my husband shed his suit jacket, tie and belt, was shackled hand-and-foot, and led out of the U.S. District Court in Houston on April 12 last year. Offical Portrait of Representative Steve Stockman, 2013 In that court, he had undergone a nearly three-week trial and awaited completion of four days of jury deliberation before it returned guilty verdicts for 23 of 24 charges the Department of Justice had brought against him a year earlier. Steve Stockman has spent most of his adult life working in one way or another to aggressively fight the political left’s agenda to transform America into a socialist country.  Yet I watched...(Read Full Article)
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