Encroaching Totalitarianism in The West

We in the West are no longer threatened by monarchism but by the totalitarian impulse of ever-expanding bureaucratic institutions and mindsets.  These mindsets find their home in the vast secular bureaucracies of Brussels, Geneva, the UN, and, in U.S. politics, our ever-expanding federal and state power here at home. Western Civilization is threatened also by the globalist worldview that believes an informed elite can manage a more peaceful world where both problems and solutions are shared among all nations.  The individual is disparaged as lacking in power and usefulness and as a fundamentally selfish entity who can never understand the utilitarian principle of the greatest good of the greatest number. Thus, even the mass immigration of Muslim peoples from the Middle East, North Africa, and Africa to Europe or the USA -- can be perceived as a type of globalist response to the tensions, upheavals, and dictatorial mode of governments that are typical of those regions. The...(Read Full Article)
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