Democrats Threaten Our Happiness and Liberty

As we anticipate the Presidential election of 2020, we need to keep in mind that the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly aligned with left-wing positions. The prominence of Bernie Sanders after decades as a maverick “Democratic Socialist” sitting on the sidelines and carping about our class struggle is a sign of the regressive politics of the Democratic Party.  It is having flashbacks to the Socialists of 100 years ago under Eugene V. Debs, and the left-wing wet dreams of Henry Wallace and his ilk that broke with the FDR and Truman wing of the Democrats in 1948.  They are opposed to the building up of faith, family, and freedom.  Even the most centrist candidate of the Dems, Joe Biden, is not really centrist, but simply appears centrist because he is a conforming sycophant whose greatest claim to fame is his survival in top positions for over four decades.  He is glib, tends towards inappropriate comments, and, after 40+ years has no singular...(Read Full Article)
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