Can Conservatives Afford to Be Nice Anymore?

Tucker Carlson's famous Fox News monologue about the moral pitfalls of unquestioned free-market worship continues to cause aftershocks. The right has long had the debate on just how healthy individual autonomy is for societal well-being.  But the combination of Donald Trump's nationalist vision overtaking the Republican Party and the Left molting its concern for solidarity in favor of radically subjective individualism has raised anew questions about what broad-c conservatives are willing to accept in a well ordered society. For example, are drag reading hours in public libraries really appropriate for kids? Cross-dressing storytime is what set New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari off in a scathing attack on one right-wing writer.  In First Things, which has latterly become a kind of authorial billet for non-traditional traditionalistic conservatives, Ahmari takes issue with what he calls "David French-ism," which takes its name from...(Read Full Article)
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