African-American Candidates Polling at 1 Percent in Iowa

One day, black Democrats will wake up and say, "We've been had." For a half century, African Americans have been giving Democrats a huge majority of their votes in national elections--91 percent for Hillary in 2016, 90 percent in the 2018 Congressional contests--and in return Democratic kingmakers have not seen fit to take a single presidential candidate of African American heritage seriously. Yes, there was Barack Obama. He looked the part, and sometimes he even tried to sound it, but as Obama's part-black Hawaiian friend Keith Kakugawa said of pal Barry, “He wasn’t African American, at least not with the connotation that term has taken on: a meaning that includes a heritage of slavery.” Added Kakugawa, “The only Black influence he had in his life was television." From the beginning, Democratic power brokers knew the rootless internationalist was in a class apart. They never confused Obama with homegrown activists like Al Sharpton...(Read Full Article)
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