A Made Man (Mueller) Unmakes Himself

In common parlance, a made man is someone whose path to success was greased by circumstances. It also refers to someone formally inducted as a full member of a criminal outfit -- the Mafia.  In the political atmosphere in which Robert Mueller was born, he, like John Kerry, was virtually assured of a prestigious place in society: He was a tall white man with a hatchet jaw who (like his classmate Kerry) went to an expensive private school – St. Paul’s -- and came from a well-connected and well-off family. His wife, Ann Cabell Standish Mueller, is related to Charles Cabell, once deputy director of the CIA.  Richard Bissell, formerly the CIA’s director of plans, is his cousin. Both men were fired by President Kennedy for their roles in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. His own public service career includes a number of spectacular failures as well: He kept four innocent men in jail for years (one for 35 years) to protect the vicious criminal...(Read Full Article)
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