A Jihad Basis for the Coup

What were the top professionals in intelligence and Hillary's State Dept so afraid of — so mortally afraid that they gambled their careers to block Donald J. Trump?

How did a dozen top FBI and intelligence officials blunder into virtual treason in a time of war?

That is the biggest question today, and we still don't know the whole answer.

But here is a reasonable guess:

Obama executed a huge flip-flop in U.S. policy, one that continued to cover up the 9/11/01 Saudi attack on the U.S., and which also flipped U.S. policy to favor the poisonous mullahs in Iran

We know two high-level channels for that big flip: Valerie Jarrett (born in Shiraz, Iran) and Huma Abedin (from a Muslim Brotherhood front in the U.K.).  The evidence is covered in previous American Thinker columns.  It is also easy to find on policy websites like MEMRI.org, Jihad Watch, Judicial Watch, and others.  (This, for example.)

Bottom line: The U.S. flipped totally in the Obama years, consistent with Obama's hard-left/jihadist roots and his political and money network.  At one point, we were actively supporting al-Qaeda allies in Syria, and we colluded with ISIS monsters. 

Just one item: President Rouhani of Iran flew to Chicago in 2013 to meet privately with Louis Farrakhan and other Democrats.  That was not reported.  The Trump administration exposed that meeting last year, but the media still said nothing

Iran represents the Shi'ite half of Islam, while the Saudis and their Wahhabi priesthood run the Sunni side.  They hate each other, but they cooperate against the Great Satan and the little one, the U.S. and Israel.  This week's Iranian attack on a U.S. recon drone is only the latest flash point, and today's news claims that General Michael Flynn was accused of wanting to kidnap a Turkish character named Gülen to deliver to his enemies in Turkey.  The Muslim world is full of plots and counter-plots.  It never stops, but it becomes a real danger to us when it infects our politicians and government.  That happened without doubt during the Obama years, and it's why Obama flipped to the morally dark side.

Americans seem to know little history, but our enemies have long memories.  For jihadis, the Prophet Mohammed was committing tribal genocide only yesterday, and they still think they're fighting the Christian Crusaders from 900 years ago. 

That may sound crazy, but it's everyday reality for the enemy.

So why would Brennan, Mueller, and Comey feel threatened by Obama's surrender to jihad?

Because they were the ones who implemented that immoral, genocide-supporting policy in many, many ways.

At some point, Obama simply pretended that ISIS was no threat, even as that group of Saudi-trained barbarians was using web videos to replay the most horrific crimes against humanity of the Nazi SS and Stalin's murder squads.

Obama also "negotiated" the great nuclear surrender to the mullahs, an act of strategic insanity, which put both Israel and Saudi Arabia in existential danger. 

The Europeans were happy to sell us out.  Europe has committed cultural seppuku, and the Europeans see no reason to fight. 

Germany is now the richest country in Europe, and the Germans have long failed to pay for their own defenses, relying on Uncle Stupid to do that.  The Brits sold out to the European Union under Tony Blair and other socialists. 

So we have only a few allies in the true sense of nations that share our most basic values.  Israel does so, because its history teaches that they have no choice, and America may have rediscovered its roots because we are free and powerful enough to stay true to our values.

We are the last defenders of civilization.  Period. 

The evidence now shows that Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry sold out.  We still don't know how many secrets Hillary sold to foreign powers for money, but thirty thousand emails are still missing

Even conservatives tend to forget how deeply the Democrats hate this country.  We don't really want to know that, being normal, decent people.

The Democrats colluded with Stalin in the 20th century, and they never got over being exposed by Joe McCarthy.  They were the party of slavery and secession, and later, they supported the Klan.  Their record is morally abysmal. 

As for Obama, he never showed any understanding of American moral values.  He is either very blind or on the wrong side.  Take your pick. 

Robert Mueller was promoted up the greasy pole in the FBI during the Clinton and Obama years, and he personally implemented a Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination program for FBI agents.

Moobers are Nazis, plain and simple.  They arose in the 1930s, when fascism was spreading around the world, and their leader visited Hitler to congratulate him on all that mass murder of innocents.  Today, you can watch M.B. money flowing into political coffers, especially on the U.S. Left and in places like Illinois.  Obama's life and politics are entangled with jihad and third-world socialism.

Obama's Arab Spring coup failed in Egypt, but it worked in Libya, where Hillary and Obama staged an invasion that killed Moammar Gaddafi and broke up the tribal federation that kept that country in precarious balance.  The attack on Libya was arguably a crime against humanity by the Nuremberg rules. 

The M.B.s are a true Nazi-era jihad organization, and the three young jihad sympathizers in Congress today — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and that Tlaib person — are outspoken enemies of the United States.  Today, Ocasio-Cortez is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee — presumably reading top national security documents.  Pelosi and Schumer can't possibly be ignorant of that. 

Now imagine Robert Mueller slithering his way up the greasy pole when Bill and Hillary were co-presidents and making it to the top in the Obama years.  Mueller is not stupid, and he saw the winds shifting against traditional American alliances with nations that share our moral values — to flip U.S. policy to support raving anti-American jihad.  You can see it here. It's not a secret to people who do their homework. 

What's a rising FBI star to do?  At a guess, Mueller colluded with likely M.B. and Iranian sympathizers in the government.  Mueller could spot and sabotage opponents of the jihad policy.

Maybe the perps thought they had good intentions.  It's easy to rationalize treachery.  But chances are that Mueller is just one mean bastard who plays kill-or-be-killed politics in the swamp.  He has a long record of prosecutorial abuse against innocent people. 

Then the impossible happened.  Hillary lost the 2016 election.

The D.C. snakes were caught in a trap, and it was easy enough to find out about Trump over the years.  Trump has said exactly what he wanted to do for decades.  He is not an unknown.  Trump has long been a genuine patriot, for one thing.  D.C. snakes must have seen him as a mortal danger.  If he found out how they had betrayed the most basic American values, the U.S. Constitution, and federal laws, all hell would break loose. 

So they tried to destroy him.

The coup broke when Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA smelled a rat and reported it to the president of the United States, one Donald J. Trump.  The perps panicked.  Rogers resigned, which was probably smart, because the snakes might have done to him what they did to General Mike Flynn, another rebel against the swamp.  Trump nominated General Flynn for national security adviser.  Flynn was attacked by the Mueller posse in another blatant attack on Trump.

Jihad has been running more than a thousand years.  The desert never changes.  Warfare is constant. 

So the biggest crime of the swamp was collusion with jihadist terror-mongers against the civilized world.

They have no moral anchor.  Treason is not just defined by law.  It has to include collusion with crimes against humanity.  ISIS engaged in the most obvious crimes against humanity we can imagine.  We therefore face a deliberate, genocidal ideology, and if 9/11 did not convince you, a little background reading is essential.  Every child in America should understand this, just as every child should be taught about Stalinism and Hitlerism.  It's fundamental.

Jihad collusion is also the most dangerous threat to our national security.  It is morally repulsive, a throwback to the bloody past of tribal warfare.  Colluders with genocidal war need to be exposed.

As in WW2, when General Eisenhower insisted on opening the gates of Auschwitz to the public media, world publicity is the only real cure.  The perpetrators and their American colluders need to be named and shamed.  The world must know the truth.   

This is the battle of our time, and we cannot lose it. 

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