Saudis Purging Jihad Backers?

While the U.S. media have been playing deaf, dumb, and blind, as usual, Saudi Arabia is seeing a huge, unprecedented purge from the top. King Salman is planning to step down and pass the power to his designated heir, Mohammed bin Salman (aka MbS). This looks like the culmination of a huge power struggle in SA, which is what happens when the top leaders get old in tribal federations -- which is essentially what Saudi Arabia is. 

With the full backing of the King, MbS has been conducting an enormous purge of competing tribal and financial power holders. When MbS takes over, he apparently wants to transform the Saudi economy, and to educate Saudis to live in the modern world. 

This is vitally important to Americans, because the Saudi role in 9/11/01 has always been lied about and covered up in the U.S. media, with the open support of the Democrats and even the Bush family. The whole scare campaign of "Islamophobia" has mobilized the left both here and in Europe to attack and discredit any sources of truth about the jihad war.

President Trump has openly tweeted his support of King Salman and MbS, which includes some rough treatment of the folks being purged. 

Donald J. Trump


I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing....

Donald J. Trump


....Some of those they are harshly treating have been “milking” their country for years!

3:05 PM - Nov 6, 2017

For American citizens the big question is: Will we finally learn who in SA has been funding and order jihad attacks like the 3,000 innocents killed in the Twin Towers assault on 9/11/01? 

Trump is now closely allied with King Salman and MbS, and POTUS has been setting up a new strategic alliance including Israel, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab regimes. No previous U.S. President -- none -- has been able to accomplish this much, ever since the start of the Jihad War. You might remember why you voted for this guy, instead of Hillary.

There are at least two strategic goals, it would seem.

First, to put a screeching halt to the jihad massacres funded and secretly ordered by the Sunni half of Islam, which is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. While ordinary Americans and Europeans have been kept in the dark, feeling confused and disoriented about these merciless attacks on ordinary people, children, women, civilian men, Jews, Christians, and Africans who are not Muslims, our media have joined the coverup, and we deserve to know why. We know that the Clinton Foundation was awash in jihad dollars, and Admiral James Lyons (USN, Ret) has made it clear that our government agencies have been deeply penetrated for many years. We've seen the evidence ourselves.

The second strategic goal is to support modernizing forces in the Muslim world, like Egypt's President El Sisi, the Jordanians, and many others. This is not going to be easy or pretty, but there is support for change. Saudi Arabia cannot survive the fall in oil prices, which has made it possible for the Saudis to be fat, lazy, and self-indulgent, while buying up U.S. and European politicians by the barrel.

Walid bin Talal is the best-known Saudi powerbroker who has been arrested and is said to be under extreme pressure from MbS himself (and his enforcers), to give a big chunk of his money to the new rulers in SA, to help the country survive the coming years of low oil prices. Since shale drilling is now spreading around the world, and President Trump has opened up US domestic production, the world will soon be awash in clean sources of energy. Natural gas is the cleanest source available, not solar, because it takes a lot more energy to make solar panels and all that than pumping natural gas.  

It's interesting, to say the least, that the New York Times' Thomas Friedman is now publicly asking the Saudis not to be too nasty to the purgees. 

Friedman is a jihad-symp, like BH Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary, and all the rest. Friedman seems to be coming out now, because he's part of the "jihad is no big deal" establishment, which has lots of friends on the other side. Friedman also knows that this is an enormous purge, and that because it's not limited to SA; the outcome is still up for grabs.

Donald Trump has been in complete support of this progressive turn in the Muslim world. Behind the scenes the Old Guard in the media, the anti-American billionaire class, and jihad sympathizers in our universities and in the Middle East have been trying to undermine and sabotage any change for the better.

So the first question is: Who are the jihad perps on the Saudi (Sunni) side?

Another major question is: Who has been colluding with jihad forces in the West? It's beyond obvious that the Western coalition that won the Cold War in 1990 has been routed by a new and even more primitive war cult. Marxism and jihad have a lot in common.

I think Americans deserve the answer to both those questions.

There are reports that 500 people have been arrested, with the most powerful being imprisoned in the Riyadh Ritz Carlton. the most famous one being Walid bin Tallal, who is all over the Western media as the smiling face of Saudi money and its (rapidly disappearing) oil weapon. Donald Trump has decisively opened up domestic oil and gas production, depriving OPEC states like SA of their clout. The Saudi press has been publishing articles predicting that the huge Saudi treasury will be diminished in a matter of years. The Saudis therefore feel extremely vulnerable to Iranian (Shi'ite) attack, and the Iranians are systematically encircling the Sunni regimes. The Saudis therefore need us badly.

We know the Iranians have been credibly accused of training and ordering jihad attacks on the infidels -- meaning anybody but them. But the mullahs are due for retribution after the Saudi purge is consolidated.

Donald Trump has earned our support already, after only a year in office. The Dark Side is constantly trying to overthrow our duly elected President. If you want to support the good guys, let your voice be heard. 

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