Saudis Purging Jihad Backers?

While the U.S. media have been playing deaf, dumb, and blind, as usual, Saudi Arabia is seeing a huge, unprecedented purge from the top. King Salman is planning to step down and pass the power to his designated heir, Mohammed bin Salman (aka MbS). This looks like the culmination of a huge power struggle in SA, which is what happens when the top leaders get old in tribal federations -- which is essentially what Saudi Arabia is.  With the full backing of the King, MbS has been conducting an enormous purge of competing tribal and financial power holders. When MbS takes over, he apparently wants to transform the Saudi economy, and to educate Saudis to live in the modern world.  This is vitally important to Americans, because the Saudi role in 9/11/01 has always been lied about and covered up in the U.S. media, with the open support of the Democrats and even the Bush family. The whole scare campaign of "Islamophobia" has mobilized the left both here and in Europe...(Read Full Article)