What Are the Children Learning?

Because of the manipulative leftist ideology rampant in schools, black children are not permitted any pride in their own achievements. Instead they are pumped full of an inordinate opinion of themselves merely because of the color of their skin.  It is an abuse of the potential that they actually possess, and it is leading to frustration, failure, and anger at many levels. Examples abound.  In Saratoga Springs, New York students are asked to tabulate their "privilege" and as a result their race, gender, religion, appearance, and disability status are used as a means "to enlighten students on their relative status in society."  Achievement is cast aside.  Instead, a false self-aggrandizement for certain groups is established. Jason D. Hill, a black immigrant who has chosen to embrace the American dream takes issue with author Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Hill writes that Coates' beliefs "[t]hreaten to alienate [his] son from his country...(Read Full Article)
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