The Pelosi Preakness

This coming week features Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, the biggest event in the world for horse racing. There’s been a worrisome uptick in the rate of thoroughbred fatal injuries this year. Still, I much prefer the Sport of Kings; given the way so many sports leagues are mired in political correctness, (who knew Kate Smith was a Confederate general?) and the evermore corrupt nature of college sports, from AdmissionsGate to ShoeGate. The people who run racing have also made some good decisions the last two decades. Firstly, they took advantage of their legal position to get the sport well positioned on the internet, and teamed up with state lotteries and casinos, leading to better purses. And most importantly, they have consolidated the sport at fewer but much nicer and renovated venues, even if it has meant the end of some famous tracks, like Hollywood. The people who run Maryland racing would like to do the same thing there -- consolidate at a newly renovated and...(Read Full Article)
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