The Next Battlefront: Social Media

Imagine a day when newspapers publish articles regarding only the benefits of late-term abortions, socialism, and open borders.  Where history books vilify Republican conservatives for fighting to defend slavery, inciting segregation, and founding the KKK.  Cable news shows would report crimes committed only by conservatives or capitalists, and social media allowed only leftist ideas to be communicated over their platforms.  Well, if the Left continues its scorched-earth policy against free speech, in no time at all, the United States will have no resemblance to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.  So many examples exist to fully detail the poverty, violence, and atrocities that quickly emerge when free speech is taken away that it raises the question of why so many younger Americans are indifferent to the loss of such an important right. In a chapter titled "The Mass Media in the Service of Soviet Communism and Post-Communist...(Read Full Article)
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