The Dems Don’t Even Believe Themselves

There are 20 Democratic contenders vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Or is it 21? It’s tough to keep track. Through the tiresome ranks of the Kamala Harrises, Cory Bookers, Julian Castros, Elizabeth Warrens, Beto O’Rourkes, Kirsten Gillibrands, Tulsi Gabbards, Eric Swalwells, and John Hickenloopers, among all the rest, one thing becomes glaringly apparent: All of these putative “leaders” -- as astonishingly undistinguished, inexperienced, and inward-looking as they are -- have one thing in common: They are flag carriers for the clichéd, predictable, unimaginative, and ultimately unproductive weltanschauung  of identity politics. United by their attempt to be the ultimate un-Trump, these candidates push the empty notion of identity politics, which has become the de facto calling card of the modern Democratic party. Executing identity politics is a simple political strategy, really. First, identify your voting subgroups....(Read Full Article)
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