Senator Braveheart

Wyoming: the least populated state, where cattle and pronghorn outnumber people. Where two bigoted cowboys murdered Matthew Shepard in 1998 because they hated homosexuals. Except that Shepard, involved in the meth trade, was murdered by his bisexual lover and another man (hardly cowboys) who were part of the local drug culture. The media proliferated its lie so effectively that Shepard is still portrayed as a martyr. His remains are now interred in the National Cathedral in Washington. The lie persists. On February 1, Wyoming state Senator Lynn Hutchings (R-Cheyenne) received a note asking her to leave Senate chambers to meet outside with a group of high school students from a Cheyenne high school “Gay-Straight Alliance” (GSA) club. The students intended to lobby her for HB230, a bill under consideration at the time that would expand existing protection in Wyoming employment law for age, sex, religion, and race to include two new categories, gender identity and sexual...(Read Full Article)
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