Robert Mueller is a Sleazy, Shameful, Partisan Hack

Robert Mueller should have been disbarred decades ago, along with his enforcer Andrew Weismann; that is how egregious his record of malfeasance is, all matters of public record.   What he did Wednesday morning was his final IED tossed at the President to placate his Democrat overlords who desperately want to impeach Trump.  But for what?  Mueller gave no list of felonies in his report nor did he detail any crimes of which Trump is even amorphously guilty. This entire enterprise, the fabricated notion that Trump and/or persons within his campaign colluded with Russians to cheat his way to the presidency was illegitimate from the outset.  It did not happen.  Not even a very expensive team of Trump-haters could find their way to naming anyone on the Trump side guilty of anything illegal having to do with the election.  And we can be certain that if they could have bent and twisted any relationship, any meeting, any...(Read Full Article)
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